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Volunteers are a vital part of UNCUFF THE INNOCENT. 

Because so many wrongfully accused or convicted people request aid, we depend on volunteers to help us fulfill our mission to free the innocent and increase public safety by preventing and overturning the wrongful conviction of police officers and other innocent individuals.


As a volunteer, you will help UNCUFF THE INNOCENT achieve our goals by participating in many of the nonprofit’s activities, according to your interests:


  • reviewing aid applications and case material;

  • identifying promising areas of investigation to strengthen innocence cases;

  • connecting with law enforcement agencies that require funds for their body camera programs;

  • posting updates about wrongful convictions and our nonprofit’s endeavors on the UNCUFF THE INNOCENT webpage, Facebook, and Twitter pages;

  • organizing fundraising;

  • suggesting new ideas and solutions that can help our nonprofit better achieve our mission. 


Thank you to our volunteers for giving your time and energy to help UNCUFF THE INNOCENT!

Interested in volunteering?


If you are at least 18 years old and would like to volunteer, please download, complete, and submit our UNCUFF Volunteer Application.

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