We raise funds to donate to U.S. law enforcement agencies for the purchase and maintenance of body camera systems for their officers.

The reason: Body cameras protect both law enforcement officers and the public from false allegations, yet police departments are often in need of funds to purchase and maintain body cameras and infrastructure.

UNCUFF THE INNOCENT has provided funds to an Oklahoma police department in need of financial support to purchase and maintain their officers' body cameras.​ Learn more.

If you are a law enforcement agency in need of body camera funding and you would like to request aid from UNCUFF THE INNOCENT, download our Questionnaire to Request Body Camera Funds and email it to us at



Despite benefits of body-worn cameras, many police agencies that would like to use them do not have sufficient funding due to other budget priorities taking precedence. 


A study published by the Police Executive Research Forum in 2014 found that 39% of police departments surveyed that lacked body cameras said that cost was the primary reason they did not use them. 

UNCUFF THE INNOCENT helps provide funding for body cameras for law enforcement agencies that want to use them and are in need of funds.

If you are a U.S. law enforcement agency in need of funds to purchase or maintain body cameras and infrastructure for your officers and you would like to request financial contributions from UNCUFF THE INNOCENT for your body camera program, please download and complete our Questionnaire to Request Body Camera Funds and mail it to UNCUFF THE INNOCENT, P.O. Box 184, Ames, Iowa 50010, or scan your completed questionnaire and e-mail it to

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