Daniel Holtzclaw's case is the focus of a two-part investigative series called "Daniel in the Den:  The Truth about the Holtzclaw Case," by Michelle Malkin Investigates.


Daniel Holtzclaw's family and friends have created a Petition requesting that Oklahoma officials free him because he is innocent.


You can help Daniel by signing and sharing his Freedom Petition so more people become aware of the injustice of Daniel's conviction:

Daniel Holtzclaw, an Oklahoma City police officer, was wrongfully convicted in 2015 of sexually assaulting eight out of thirteen African-American complainants after investigators’ tunnel vision and flawed DNA analysis led detectives to reverse-engineer a case against Daniel following a single allegation lacking forensic evidence.


With your help, we are working to right this wrong so that Daniel and other innocent people are freed from prison and the innocent avoid being convicted in the first place. 

Learn more about Daniel's case here in a summary that includes a personal look at Daniel's wrongful conviction through his own descriptions.


Tim Wright Jr. and his wife Danielle Laskie-Wright have created a Petition asking Virginia state officials to open an investigation into his case and help prove his innocence.


You can help Tim by signing and sharing his petition on social media.




Timothy Wright, Jr., a Gulf War veteran and former marine, was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2008 in Virginia after a biased investigation in which the Amherst police built their case against Tim to focus attention away from the young man, an Amherst County Sheriff’s Deputy’s son, who made wild, unsupported allegations against Tim but should have been the main suspect after placing himself at the scene of the crime.


Tim was found guilty after serious police and prosecutorial misconduct involving a missing handgun, incomplete and missing forensic evidence, witnesses who changed their stories at least six times, and jailhouse snitches who were given promises and deals for false testimony.


Tim writes, “I was arrested because of the statement of [the Deputy Sheriff’s son], who claimed that he was a witness to me committing the murder of Justin Baumgardner.  From there, the State’s case morphed as it tried to build a case around an arrest that there was no evidence to support, an attempt to protect a cop’s son.”


With your help, UNCUFF THE INNOCENT is working to aid Tim and other innocent people in the fight to regain their freedom.


Learn more about Tim’s case here.



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