Our primary goal is to aid innocent U.S. law enforcement officers and other innocent individuals in need of legal defense funds, evidence re-evaluation, and additional investigation to fight wrongful allegations and convictions. 

UNCUFF THE INNOCENT is raising money for the legal defense of three wrongfully convicted individuals, Officer Daniel K. Holtzclaw, Timothy Wright, Jr., and Jay B. Van Story, and a falsely accused reserve sheriff's deputy, Mike Oxley.  We also help acquitted and freed individuals needing financial aid to resume life after wrongful allegations or convictions. 


We will consider the case of any wrongfully accused or convicted person in the U.S. in need of assistance before or after release, on a case-by-case basis.

If you have been wrongfully accused or convicted in the U.S. and would like to apply for aid from UNCUFF THE INNOCENT, please complete our Aid Recipient Questionnaire and mail it to UNCUFF THE INNOCENT, P.O. Box 184, Ames, Iowa 50010, or scan and e-mail it to uncuff@uncufftheinnocent.org.


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Your donation will help us raise legal defense funds for wrongfully convicted individuals, such as Police Officer Daniel K. Holtzclaw, Tim Wright Jr., and Jay B. Van Story, as well as a falsely accused man, Mike Oxley.

Your donation will also help reduce the chance of wrongful convictions by enabling us to contribute body camera funds to police departments needing financial support to purchase and maintain body cameras for their officers.

UNCUFF THE INNOCENT has donated funds to an Oklahoma police department's body camera fund to help protect their police officers and the public from wrongful allegations.

Body cameras protect both police officers and the public from false allegations.   We raise funds to donate to U.S. law enforcement agencies for the purchase and maintenance of body camera systems. 


UNCUFF THE INNOCENT has provided funds to an Oklahoma police department in need of financial support to purchase and maintain body cameras for their officers.

If you are a law enforcement agency in need of funds for the purchase and maintenance of body cameras for your officers, and you would like to request aid from UNCUFF THE INNOCENT, please e-mail us at:  uncuff@uncufftheinnocent.org.

Experts advise that all interactions should be "recorded in every context, and then made public when there is a criminal complaint.” (See Turvey et al. (2018). False Allegations:  Investigative and Forensic Issues in Fraudulent Reports of Crime.  Academic Press, p.302.)


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) states that body cams have "the potential to be a win-win, helping protect the public against police misconduct, and at the same time helping protect police against false accusations of abuse.”  (See:  Jay Stanley (ACLU Senior Policy Analyst) “Police Body-Mounted Cameras:  With Right Policies in Place, a Win for All,” March 2015, pp. 1-9.)


The ability of body cameras to protect officers from wrongful allegations is shown by an incident in May 2018, when a Texas state trooper’s body camera footage proved that a sexual assault allegation against him by an African-American woman was false.  





We offer information about wrongful convictions, their causes, and proper police procedures so that wrongful convictions can more easily be prevented, recognized, and overturned. 


UNCUFF THE INNOCENT strives to reduce wrongful convictions by improving police-public relations.


We raise awareness that public trust is harmed and the risk of wrongful conviction is increased when law enforcement officers discriminate, succumb to bias during investigations, and follow improper practices. 


We also work to eliminate prejudice against police officers by educating the public about the challenges officers face during encounters with the public.

Together we can end wrongful convictions.







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