UNCUFF THE INNOCENT is proud to be contributing legal defense funds for wrongfully convicted Oklahoma City Police Officer

Daniel Holtzclaw, who is now represented by the famous attorney Kathleen T. Zellner & Associates.   

Attorney Kathleen Zellner has righted more wrongful prosecutions any other private attorney in the U.S.  Among the exonerees Ms. Zellner has represented are Dr. Ray Spencer, a former police officer, and Ryan Ferguson.  She is currently representing Steven Avery, who is featured in the "Making A Murderer" series on Netflix.

Your donations will help us provide Daniel Holtzclaw's legal team with the funds they need to fight for his freedom. 


Learn more about Daniel's case here in a summary that includes a personal look at Daniel's wrongful conviction through his own descriptions.  


You can also learn more about Daniel's case at the website www.freedanielholtzclaw.com maintained by his sister Jenny Holtzclaw.

Daniel Holtzclaw is now in his 4th year of a 263-year prison sentence.  He is appealing his wrongful conviction before the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals with the aid of a court-appointed appellate attorney. 


The State appointed Daniel's appellate attorney because Daniel and his parents used up their savings to pay for his trial defense, leaving Daniel indigent.

Daniel Holtzclaw was wrongfully convicted in 2015 of sexually assaulting eight out of thirteen African-American complainants after the presumption of guilt, investigators’ tunnel vision, and flawed DNA analysis led detectives to reverse-engineer a case against Daniel following a single allegation lacking forensic evidence.

Detectives believed Daniel was guilty in part because of DNA on the fly of his uniform pants that had an innocent explanation -- skin cell DNA indirect transfer.  Detectives proceeded to use Daniel's own police records to contact and solicit allegations from over 40 African-American women with criminal histories and warrants.  Detectives untruthfully told many of these women that police had received a "tip" that they may have been sexually assaulted by a "bad" cop with many victims. 


Ultimately 13 complainants went to trial.  Ten of them were found by police by using Daniel's own records of people he had stopped.  The remaining 3 women came forward on their own, but Daniel was entirely acquitted of the allegations of two of them.  In addition, 8 individuals made false allegations that were determined to be false immediately and so never went to trial. 

Although there was no direct evidence supporting the allegations of sexual assault, and numerous contradictions existed in the women's testimony, Daniel was found guilty of 18 out of 36 counts after the prosecutor untruthfully told the jurors that DNA on the fly of Daniel's uniform pants derived from vaginal fluid.  Protesters outside the courtroom shouted "Racist jury, racist cop" and "Give him life."

Six internationally renowned forensic experts, including Dr. Peter Gill, reviewed the DNA data and documents in Daniel's case and concluded that the State's arguments were so fundamentally flawed as to require a new trial for Daniel.  The experts released their findings publicly in a "Report on Scientific Issues in the Case of Oklahoma v. Daniel K. Holtzclaw by an International Panel of Forensic Experts."

Daniel was brought to injustice rather than justice.  It is profoundly dangerous when prosecutors misuse DNA to secure a conviction and when a defendant is treated as guilty long before the trial, as Daniel Holtzclaw's case dramatically illustrates. 


Three documentary videos about Daniel Holtzclaw's case have been released by Michelle Malkin Investigates on Youtube to expose the injustice of his conviction:  


"Daniel in the Den:  The Truth about the Holtzclaw Case


"Forensic Scientists Speak Out On Daniel Holtzclaw Case"


"Railroaded:  Surviving Wrongful Convictions"


With your help, we are working to right this wrong so that Daniel and other innocent people are freed from prison and the innocent avoid being convicted in the first place. 


Daniel's friends and family have created a Petition requesting that Oklahoma officials free him because he is innocent. 


You can help Daniel by signing and sharing his freedom petition.


UNCUFF THE INNOCENT is raising funds for the legal defense of Daniel Holtzclaw, who is represented by Kathleen T. Zellner and Associates.

Your donation will contribute to the legal defense funds of Daniel and other innocent individuals who have been wrongfully accused or convicted.

Your donation will also help reduce the chance of wrongful convictions by enabling us to contribute body camera funds to police departments needing financial support to purchase and maintain body cameras for their officers.

Thank you for taking a stand for justice!


Daniel Holtzclaw's case is the focus of a two-part investigative series called "Daniel in the Den:  The Truth about the Holtzclaw Case," by Michelle Malkin Investigates.

The private investigator who worked for Daniel's trial defense team continues to advocate for Daniel by providing discovery material online at www.HoltzclawTrial.com.

You can read a description of Daniel Holtzclaw's case that includes his own words as he recalls the nightmare that led to his wrongful conviction and current imprisonment. 

View UNCUFF THE INNOCENT's Report and Slide Show entitled, "DANIEL and the DNA:  How flawed forensic science led to Daniel Holtzclaw's wrongful conviction."



UNCUFF THE INNOCENT has provided funds to an Oklahoma police department needing financial aid to purchase and maintain body cameras for its officers. 


More than 50,000 residents in the area rely on this police department for safety.  We are glad our contribution will help the agency provide its officers with body-worn cameras that will protect both law enforcement officers and the public from false allegations.

UNCUFF THE INNOCENT is giving funds to the body camera programs of law enforcement agencies in honor of Oklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who was provided with neither a dash cam nor a body-worn camera that would have protected him from being wrongfully convicted. 



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